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a) The Giller Prize, valued at $25,000 (Cdn), is awarded annually to the author of the best Canadian full-length novel or collection of short stories published in English. In the event that a translation wins, $25,000 will be awarded to the author and $5,000 will be awarded to the translator.

b) The Giller Prize, named for the late literary journalist Doris Giller, was founded in her honour by her husband, Jack Rabinovitch. The Prize was first awarded in 1994.


a) Each year, an appointed jury panel will be responsible for compiling a shortlist of not less than three and not more than five of the outstanding books submitted for The Giller Prize. From that shortlist, the jury panel will be responsible for selecting one winner.


a) To be eligible, a book must be a first-edition full length novel or short story collection, written by a Canadian citizen or permanent resident of Canada.

b) Collections of previously published work are not eligible. Any story collections containing work previously published in book form will not be eligible unless the number of new stories outweighs the number of previously published ones.

c) To be eligible, a book must be published in English, either originally or in translation. (In the case of translation, the original work must be Canadian-authored).

d) Books must be published in Canada in English between November 1, 2002 and October 15, 2003 (Previous publication of a book in another language or in another country does not disqualify it).

e) No entry shall be ineligible because its author has won either The Giller Prize or any other prize previously.

f) All books must carry an ISBN number and be available for sale in bookstores in Canada.

g) No self-published books shall be eligible (that is, titles authored by any senior officer of the book's publishing firm and/or books underwritten in part or in whole by the author).


h) The decision of the judges as to whether a book is eligible shall be binding.


Any eligible book which is entered for The Giller Prize shall not qualify for the award unless its publisher agrees:

a) for each shortlisted book, to pay $1,500 to The Giller Prize as a contribution towards shortlist advertising and promotion.

b) to spend an appropriate sum on media advertising for the winning book.

c) to prepare and encourage its nominated and/or winning author(s) to participate in all reasonable publicity associated with The Giller Prize.

d) to use their best efforts to sticker copies of the shortlisted and/or winning book(s) with The Giller Prize seals (to be provided by The Giller Prize) and, when including facsimiles of The Giller Prize seal on all reprints of the shortlisted and/or winning book(s), to secure the prior written approval of The Giller Prize with respect to artwork.

e) To comply with rule 5k.


a) Publishers may enter up to three full-length novels or short story collections, each of them scheduled for publication between November 1, 2002 and October 15, 2003.

b) In addition to those three entries, publishers may submit books by authors who have previously won The Giller Prize or The Governor General's Award in the fiction category.

c) Entries (finished books or galleys, not loose pages) are to be submitted according to the following schedule:

Books published or to be published between November 1, 2002 and April 25, 2003 must be submitted and received on or before May 9, 2003.

Books published or to be published between April 26, 2003 and June 13, 2003 must be submitted and received on or before June 27, 2003.

Books published or to be published between June 14, 2003 and October 15, 2003 must be submitted and received on or before August 18, 2003.

d) Books received after the final deadline of August 16, 2003 will not be eligible.

e) The Giller Prize also requests that publishers submit, by August 18, 2003, a list of all eligible fiction scheduled for publication November 1, 2002 and October 15, 2003. This list should include title(s), author(s), and date(s) of publication.

f) The Giller Prize may, at any time, call in a book, even if that book has not been submitted. In that event, the publisher will be required to complete an entry form, submit the entry form along with five copies of the book to The Giller Prize, and comply with all other Rules and Regulations.

g) Receipt of submissions will be acknowledged in writing by The Giller Prize.

h) No book entered or called in will be returned to publishers.

i) Five copies of each entry must be submitted to:

The Giller Prize
Elana Rabinovitch
c/o 40 Roxborough St. W.
Toronto, ON
M5R 1T8

Each entry must be accompanied by the submission form along with press material on the submitted book, a current author biography and an 8x10 photo (or electronic image of the author sent by e-mail) that can be reproduced for use in newspapers, magazines and on The Giller Prize website,

j) If the submission is in the form of galleys, one copy of the finished book must be received by The Giller Prize (c/o Elana Rabinovitch at the address above) by September 24, 2003, and must be confirmed for publication on or before October 15, 2003.

k) Two copies of each shortlisted book, ideally in folded and collated form, should be retained by the publisher. These must be delivered to a designated book binder as soon as the shortlist has been announced. The Giller Prize will supply shortlisted publishers with the name and address of the bookbinder to which copies must be sent. The Giller Prize will bear the cost of this leather binding.


a) A shortlist of finalists will be announced in October 2003. National publicity, promoting The Giller Prize and the shortlisted authors, will begin at that announcement and continue until after the winner is declared.

b) The winner of The Giller Prize will be announced at a ceremony in Toronto in November, 2003. So that all shortlisted authors may attend that ceremony, The Giller Prize will bear the cost of travel and overnight accommodation for authors who live outside the greater Toronto area.

c) The jury panel will select the shortlist and the winner in private deliberations immediately preceding each announcement. Publishers should be aware that they will receive no advance notice of the finalists or the winner.


All inquiries should be directed to:

The Giller Prize
Elana Rabinovitch
c/o 40 Roxborough St. W.
Toronto, ON
M5R 1T8

Phone : 416.651.7066
Fax : 416.651.9968

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