• To be eligible, a book must be a first-edition full length novel or short story collection, written by a Canadian citizen or permanent resident of Canada.

  • Collections of previously published work are not eligible.

  • To be eligible, a book must be published in English, either originally or in translation. (In the case of translation, the original work must be Canadian-authored).

  • Books must be published in Canada in English between November 1, 2001 and October 15, 2002. (Previous publication of a book in another language or in another country does not disqualify it).

  • No entry shall be ineligible because its author has won either The Giller Prize or any other prize previously.

  • All books must carry an ISBN number and be available for sale in bookstores.

  • No self-published books shall be eligible (that is, titles authored by any senior officer of the book's publishing firm and/or books underwritten in part or in whole by the author).


Entries (finished books or galleys, not loose pages) are to be submitted according to the following guidelines:

  • Books published between November 1 of the preceding year and April of the current year must be submitted by early May.

  • Books published between mid-April and mid-June must be submitted by late June.

  • Books published between mid-June and late October must be submitted by mid-August.

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